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Angela Clack, Psy.D., LPC

Dr. Angela R. Clack is a distinguished licensed psychotherapist and the CEO of Clack Associates, LLC, a private practice group outpatient counseling agency located in Southern New Jersey. With an impressive career spanning over three decades, Dr. Clack has dedicated herself to the mental health field, leaving an indelible mark through her expertise and passion.

Renowned for her multifaceted abilities, Dr. Clack excels in teaching, supervising, coaching, and providing training across various domains related to adults, youth, and their families grappling with mental illness. A true advocate for destigmatizing mental health treatment in communities of color, she has become a catalyst for positive change.

Dr. Clack’s commitment to mental health and wellness is evident in her extensive public speaking engagements. Her dynamic presence has graced community events, radio and internet shows, women’s empowerment groups, panel discussions, as well as church and school settings. Collaborating with mental health advocacy organizations and non-profit community groups, she has consistently worked towards fostering understanding and support.

Drawing from her rich and diverse clinical experiences, Dr. Clack is well-equipped to address a broad spectrum of topics. Her group practice specializes in treating women and young adults dealing with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, emotional distress, and relationship/interpersonal issues. Beyond clinical practice, she imparts her knowledge by training counselors, social workers, and various medical and mental health professionals on essential aspects of mental health care, interventions, and self-care strategies, with a focus on burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma.

As a published author, Dr. Clack further solidifies her contribution to the field with the insightful “Women of Color Talk: Psychological Narratives on Trauma and Depression” (2018). This groundbreaking work reflects her dedication to amplifying diverse voices and narratives in the realm of mental health.

In summary, Dr. Clack is not just a seasoned professional in psychotherapy but a trailblazer, advocate, and educator, making enduring contributions to mental health and wellness, particularly within communities of color. Her wealth of knowledge, combined with her compassionate approach, continues to impact lives positively.

Dr Clack joins Life Revival as an Approved Clinical Supervisor and Trainer/Facilitator. She is dually licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to provide clinical services and supervision.