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Culturally Sensitive Outpatient Mental
Health Care

Our clinical staff serves Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs with a safe, welcoming environment for mental health care and interventions.

Making a Difference in Peoples’ Lives, No Matter What Their Background

We’re dedicated to supporting people from all walks of life with meaningful, transformative, and growth experiences. 

By using a multicultural psychotherapy model, we provide behavioral health care services that help you:


Our mission at Life Revival is to promote healing, growth, and empowerment for all individuals seeking to revitalize their lives and achieve long-lasting well-being by providing compassionate care and holistic support to help them thrive on their journey to wellness.

Vision Statement

Life Revival envisions a future where everyone is empowered to embrace their full potential, find revived purpose in their lives, and thrive in a community built on competent, and compassionate care.

Serving Immigrant Populations in the Philadelphia Community

Our outpatient mental health clinic provides a wide range of services to immigrants, ranging from newcomers to 2nd generation:



The Values at the Heart of Our Approach

These are the principles that guide our practice as we provide you with mental health care.

Culturally Responsive

Collaborative Care

Compassion and Empathy

Confidentiality and Privacy

Helping Patients Reach Their Potential

Life Revival is committed to providing quality, culturally sensitive behavioral care and interventions.

Our goal is to support you in your pursuit of personal and professional potential.

Your Mental Health Care Questions, Answered

Take a look at our frequently asked questions.

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We offer cultural brokerage services, so insurance and costs are not a worry for our patients.

We offer telehealth services if you prefer to receive mental health care through video calls or phone sessions from the comfort of your home.

Yes. We follow strict ethical standards to protect your privacy and confidentiality.