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Individual Therapy

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed? Our clinical staff provide a safe, confidential environment to help you navigate your emotions. You can access care in-person at our office or in the comfort of your own home with telehealth services.

Mental Health Support That’s Personal to You

Our clinical staff will start by getting to know you. We’ll ask you questions about your life, your family, and what you’re going through, so we can develop a plan to help you heal and grow.

To make sure you’re on track, we’ll have regular check-ins with you. We’ll teach you coping skills for your trauma and triggers, and create a safety plan to help you feel safe and supported.

Overcome Your Unique Life Challenges

Get the guidance and tools you need to work through all your worries.

Personalized Support

Speak with welcoming and understanding professionals in your own language.

Trauma-Informed Care

Grow and heal in an environment that helps you process emotions and overcome challenges.

Problem-Solving Skills Development

Learn the skills to handle difficult situations with confidence.