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Group Therapy

Our clinical staff helps you address life skills, trauma, substance abuse, domestic violence, and coping skills development.

Clinical Groups

In a safe and supportive environment, you’ll be guided in learning how to cope with your anxiety or depression.

These sessions are designed for you to openly talk through your emotions with others who are going through similar challenges.

Connect, Adapt, and Thrive

Get the tools and strategies you need to live a more fulfilling life.

Interpersonal Skills Development

Grow your social problem-solving skills in a supportive group setting.

Acculturation Support

Ease your stress with support from others as you adapt to your new culture.

Peer Supported Change Process

Make positive changes with encouragement and accountability from your peers.

Intimate Partner Violence Recovery Groups

Get specialized support for trauma stemming from domestic violence. These sessions target issues such as aggressive behavior, control, and safety planning, if needed.

Our clinical staff helps with stabilization and safety, processing trauma, and finding your way back to a healthier life.

Heal from the Trauma of Domestic Violence

Get the support and guidance you need on your path to recovery.

Tailored Treatment

Address your domestic violence trauma in an understanding environment.

Safety Planning

Secure your family’s well-being
with a safety plan.

Reduced Violence

Create a safer environment
within your family.